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Going in a new direction

Hey everyone, as some of you may already know, after being part of multimediacollege, an Adobe Authorised Training Centre, for over 4 years and having run the training centre for over a year, I have decided it is time to strike out on my own. Therefore I have started my […]

Do Flex and LiveCycle still have a future?

Published on: December 20, 2011
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I’ve been quiet for quite some time now. There are 2 reasons for that. The first one is simply because I have been busy on a couple of projects and just didn’t find the time to write another blog post. The second reason is that I wanted to wait and […]

Floating license policy for Flex applications

Published on: October 4, 2009
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Sometimes in Flex projects you need to be able to include some licensing policy. In a lot of cases this will be a simple user identification for registered users. But sometimes there is a request for a floating license policy. This means that a certain company buys let’s say 10 […]

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