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5S in software development

Published on: July 23, 2014
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5S is a "tool" from Lean Thinking that covers workplace organisation in order to facilitate reducing waste. This is mainly because everything has it place and the most commonly used items are closest in reach. Simply put, whatever you need is always available in a certain designated spot, so you […]

Lean rhythm wheels in software development

Published on: June 17, 2013
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The Rhythm Wheel (aka product wheel) is an innovative concept for lean production planning and scheduling. It leads to leveled capacity utilization, inventory savings, and better customer service level. The Rhythm Wheel concept allows more flexibility due to shorter throughput times and leads to lower cost of goods sold by […]

The 7 wastes of software development

In a previous blog post I talked about applying Lean Thinking to a software development environment and what concepts can be translated from the Lean Manufacturing Practices. Another concept within Lean Thinking involves getting rid of all the waste. In a manufacturing environment, these are considered to be the 7 […]

Applying Lean Thinking to IT development

Lean Thinking has been around for a very long time. Taking a few minor modifications into account, Toyota originally created this system in the mid 70s (it was called the Toyota Production System). Lean is also often used in combination with Six Sigma techniques for statistical control and has been […]

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