ColdFusion User Group meeting on September 18th in Brussels

Published on: September 4, 2013
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Now that the holidays are over and the new CFUG season begins, we thought we’d do something different this time. This edition will not solely focus on ColdFusion technology, but will bring you technology and techniques that will bring the skills of a software developer, teacher, project manager etc. to a higher level.

Adobe Captivate Adobe Captivate for web developersAdobe Captivate is a rapid eLearning authoring tool made by the same Indian Business unit as ColdFusion. The primary target audience of Captivate are teachers, instructional designers and eLearning developers. But other persons can find Captivate highly interesting as well.

In this session, we will explore how Adobe Captivate and other eLearning tools from Adobe might help web developers like you better communicate with your customer and final users.

The Screen Capture engine of Captivate combined with its unique interactive capabilities will enable you to create YouTube-like screencasts and interactive simulations that will definitely have a huge impact on how you communicate the ins and outs of your applications to your customers and final users.

Best of all, the all new Captivate 7 is now able to publish your content as an HTML 5 web app, effectively making mobile users part of the game!

Damien Bruyndonckx 
Damien Bruyndonckx
 works at IHECS, a higher education school of communications, based in Brussels, where he teaches multimedia and serves as the e-learning coordinator of the school. Thanks to his work at IHECS, Damien became an Adobe Education Leader in November 2011. Damien also has his own company that provides Adobe Training and e-learning consultancy. Damien is the author of “Mastering Adobe Captivate 6” published by Packt Publishing in August 2012 and of “Adobe Captivate 7 for Mobile Learning” published in August 2013. He is also is a big time music lover and occasionally works as a sound and light technician in the entertainment industry.
Lean Thinking Applying Lean Thinking to software development
Lean has been around for a very long time in the manufacturing industry. But in the last couple of years it has been gaining momentum in the service industry as well. In this session you’ll discover how to apply these manufacturing principles (rhythm wheels, reducing waste and setup time etc.) to a software environment, so the IT department can reap the benefits of Lean Thinking as well and you can get your development cycle lean and mean.
Steven Peeters  Steven Peeters is a freelance team, process and change manager atSilver Lining, where he focusses on applying Lean Six Sigma production techniques onto software service environments. Next to that he provides trainings on various Adobe products and he is also a respected speaker at various national and international conferences.


18.30: Free drinks, food and networking.
19.00: Adobe Captivate for web developers.
Applying Lean Thinking to software development.
This event is free of charge, but seats are limited. Make sure you register quickly!

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  1. Monu says:

    Sorry, there wasn’t any recording on Scotch on the Rocks. I tolalty agree, mixing Cairngorm and Modules can be difficult, but there are alternatives. If you are using for example HttpServices I’m not sure how much value Cairngorm actually adds, i would rather look at Parsley or Spring Actionscript, and other ways of modeling your application. Cairngorm is good for organizing your code, and will help an inexperienced team get started, but for larger projects and applications I would not use it, it adds too many classes with limited value, and it adds far too much maintenance for your code base in the long run.

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