Flash Israel 2011 Aftermath

Published on: March 6, 2011
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So now I’m sitting in my hotel room, waiting to leave for the airport in half an hour. It gets me thinking about the past couple of days and the Flash Israel event.

First of all, for everyone who has been thinking about bringing Phidgets or Arduino on a plane: don’t do it. I mean, I did eventually make it to Israel in one piece (I’m not yet sure I’ll be getting back safely as well), but the security nowadays is so tight I actually needed a couple of hours to get past the security check. Even getting into the mall where the event was held turned out to be quite the challenge. Imagine a stranger walking up to security and then saying he’s carrying some batteries with some wires attached to that, which powers some electronic components… Right, that does sound suspicious, doesn’t it? But in the end they finally understood that it was actually quite harmless.

With that said, let’s turn the attention to the event. It has been a very good 2 days for me, meeting a lot of interesting people and kick-ass developers here in Tel Aviv. These guys do amazing stuff. I even learned that lots of things have been invented here in Israel, such as the flash drive and the firewall. Didn’t have a clue…
I also met a couple of guys who were already into Arduino programming and have gotten some insight to some great applications for that technology. I may find some inspiration there for my next Phidgets project.

The speakers at the event were top-notch as well. You had the ones we all know: Lee Brimelow, Kevin Schmidt, Ben Forta and Grant Skinner and their presentations rocked, as usual. But then you had a couple of unfamiliar faces (at least to me) and they definitely surprised me with their sessions. Apart from the fact their were a couple of presos in Hebrew, which I don’t understand at all, there was large variety of interesting topics, ranging from game development to LiveCycle Data Services.

Since it was my first time at this event and even my first time in Israel, I didn’t quite know what to expect. But the crowd here was very interactive and I loved being here. So, that means I say a big thank you to Almog Koren for inviting me over here and I certainly hope to be back next year.

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