Congrats to the new and renewed ACPs and ACCs

Published on: January 28, 2011
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Today Adobe announced their new list of Adobe Community Professionals for 2011. And of course I am very happy to be part of this small community. But next to that list, they have launched a new list, namely the Adobe Community Champions.

For those of you who don’t know what these lists are or who these people are, let me explain:
Adobe Community Professionals are people that are not employed by Adobe and who speak up about the Adobe products, write blog posts, articles and books, speak at conferences, etc. They are respected members of the community who deserve a special recognition for their dedication to help others.
Adobe Community Champions are basically the same people, but whereas the ACPs are content creators, the ACCs use their voice to reach out to the community on a more personal level.

The lists are refreshed annually, so no one on the list can just assume they are on next year’s list, which in my personal opinion is a very good thing, because it keeps all of those great contributors actively involved, helping the community to flourish. It’s just a great recognition and appreciation of what you have accomplished in the past year.

There are over 200 ACPs and around 80 ACCs which is just too many to mention here. However, I do like to mention a couple of my friends who made it on the list as well:

You can find the full list here. I want to convey my congratulations to everyone who made it onto the list and I hope you will all continue to be as inspiring as you are now. I know I’ll try to be :-)

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