Merry X-mas and a happy 2011

Published on: December 25, 2010
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As 2010 draws to its end it’s always a time to think about what you’ve accomplished in the past year. For me, that has been quite a lot whe I think about it.

First of all, I’ve been doing some real crazy stuff at multimediacollege, which has made it one of the most busy years of my career. With 3 new wonderful colleagues this should be more manageable next year.

Besides my job as instructor and consultant at multimediacollege I’ve also published my first book, which covers the designer-developer workflow subject using Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst CS5.

I’ve also done a workshop at Flash And The City in New York, which was a great experience, since I consider this to be a great event with some awesome speakers. I’m hoping to make it there in 2011 as well.

The second biggest highlight this year was being selected to do a designer-developer workshop at AdobeMAX in Los Angeles. This was like the ultimate goal for me this year and I achieved it! But unfortunately (and that’s actually a wrong word for what’s about to follow), I eventually couldn’t make it to LA, because on October 25th, my beautiful wife gave birth to my third son Yantis, which renders that event the most memorable moment of 2010.

For 2011, I have a lot of things planned and it’s going to be a crazy year as well, since I plan to attend and speak at more conferences. I also have a couple of international opportunities coming up and I want to throw myself into the world of technical writing as well. So, that means there’s enough to do. Therefore I’m going to enjoy this last week of 2010 and take the time to relax a little.

With this I would also like to take the opportunity to wish you all a merry X-mas and all the best for 2011. May you’re year become as crazy as mine 😀

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