Controlling Phidgets with an AIR application on Android

Published on: July 14, 2010
Categories: AIR, Android, Flash Builder, Flex
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Some time ago I was watching an episode of “Prototype This” and was thinking that these guys have an awesome job of creating mechanical prototypes and interfacing them with some fancy programming. That got me thinking about some things that seemed quite interesting to me and I started surfing the web for some affordable hardware.

I then came across Phidgets motor controllers and I was immediately interested in it, mainly because it has an Flash/Flex Actionscript library that allows your Flash or Flex application to communicate with that controller. So I ordered one and started working on an application. What I came up with is a wooden maze that is placed on 4 servo motors and I can now control the maze by using a socket connection on mu Android phone running Android 2.1 (Eclair). I needed a special construction to get the rotational movement converted into a vertical movement to lift and tilt the maze and it kind of worked. I would have preferred to use linear motors instead, but they were just way too expensive for me. This did the trick as well. It was just a little harder to get the setup right. Just watch the video and keep in mind that this is merely a prototype.

Please install Flash Player 10.0 or higher

If you want to investigate this source code even further, you can download the source file here.

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  2. farid says:

    Thanks would you pls leave source code for reviewing ?
    Farid Valipour

  3. Just added the source file for those who want to investigate closer 😉

  4. Jia-Ling says:

    Would you please share the APK source code?

  5. […] as you can see pin this video. Then I created a mobile remote controller for a physical maze game, which you can find out more about in this video. After some thinking and looking around on the internet, I came up with this idea to build an LED […]

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