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Published on: May 14, 2010
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OK, so now we’re done with the AIR 2.0 workshop here. Things were really looking good and we had some great questions and responses from the audience. Let me make a small summary of what we covered.

Peter Elst was up first and he talked about the basic stuff in AIR. Since the audience was divided into people already familiar with AIR and people who had no experience at all, this was a realy good start to get everyone up-to-speed. Topics ranged from basic AIR APIs like file access and drag-and-drop functionality to URL monitoring and basic SQLite access.

That’s where I stepped in and turned the volume up just a notch, because my session was entirely about working with the SQLite local database. Starting with the basics on accessing the database synchronously or asynchronously, I moved on to using the ColdFusion 9 ORM capabilities on the client side. That means that you don’t have to write any SQL statements to create or update the database. The cool thing about this specific ORM implementation is the fact that you can use that feature to synchronise your local database with a remote server as well. Unfortunately, during the workshop, the internet connection dropped and I could show it actually working, so you guys have to believe me that this is awesome stuff. You can find my slides from the session below.

Before having everyone falling asleep, I let Lee Brimelow take the stage and he went on about multitouch on devices. He talked about the new possibilities with multitouch and gestures in AIR and how you can test it on devices (laptops) that are not multitouch enabled.

Finally, Weyert De Boer took the stage and he had some great stuff to tell about using AIR’s socket server capabilities to create a custom HTTP server application. This was really impressive stuff.

At the end we had a small Q&A session and that was a wrap for us. So now, I would just like to thank everyone who attended the workshop and hopefully you’ve taken along some great new insights.

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