CFUGBE event aftermath – Meet the ColdFusion team

On May 26th we held our second ColdFusion User Group event in Belgium. This time we had the nice apportunity to have some international speakers come over, because they were in the area after all after being at SOTR2010.

Ben Nadel We started off with Ben Nadel who talked about session management and component lifecycles in ColdFusion. I learned tons of new stuff that I (as a beginning ColdFusion developer) wasn’t even aware of. Stuff like how ColdFusion pages are constructed and when the session scope becomes available. This can be very useful to implements some extra security checks and such. Thanks Ben!

Ray CamdenThen we let Ray Camden take the stage. (Well, it wasn’t really a stage, but you know what I mean, right?.) He had some interesting stuff to talk about as well. He showed us some really cool stuff you could do with the snippets panel. But then I was wondering how the hell you start writing your own snippets. And just as I was thinking that, Ray actually explained how it works. So now I’m definitely going to be digging into that as well (assuming I can find the extra time of course).

Terry Ryan After a well-deserved short break Terry Ryan talked and demoed a bit more about Flash Catalyst. This was probably quite interesting for most people in the room, but I had seen this a thousand times before, so for me that was not really the highlight of the evening, unfortunately. Sorry about that, Terry.

Alison Huselid Since we were running a bit late by then, he had to hurry up and gain some time, because as a last treat we had our “meet the team” session with Claude Englebert, Terry Ryan and Alison Huselid. As usual here in Belgium, there were some difficulties getting the conversation started. We’re all quiet and shy here in Belgium, you know… But after a few hesitations we got something going on, with most of the questions regarding pricing (which I had anticipated).

Although it was a great event, I was a bit disappointed by the number of attendees. Lots of people registered, but too few actually showed up. All of you who didn’t show up, you deserve a spanking! You’d better be there next time. Yes, that’s right. We are already working on our next event, so keep an eye out for it and make sure you don’t miss it, ’cause it’s going to be a technical session this time with lots fo jaw-dropping stuff.

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