Creating a custom Tile list component in Flash Catalyst

Published on: December 30, 2009
Categories: Flash Catalyst
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I’ve been working with Flash Catalyst for quite some time now. During one of my recent adventures I came across the problem of creating a custom Tile component. The design I had made was pretty nice, but now I had to convert it into a Flex 4 component.

At first it didn’t seem possible, because when you read about the things you can do with Flash Catalyst, you can find lots of information on how to create a custom data list, but it doesn’t go as far as saying how you can create a Tile. Maybe because you don’t need that component that often when you compare it to, for example, a listbox or datagrid. Is it possible at all, you might ask. And the answer is a definite YES. But how do you do it then?

Well, you start out with your designed element of course. And this time you are also going to convert it into a Data List using the HUD (Heads-Up Display) or the right-click popup menu. But that just turns it into a list and we need a Tile. Essentially, a Tile is also a list component, so ther should be some setting that you can choose to make it into the proper component. And there is. If you look at the Properties panel, in the Layout section for the repeated item, next to the horizontal and vertical layout, you can choose the Tile option as the layout. Of course you can alter the spacing for both directions in this case.

I hope this helps you guys out in case you’re wondering how to create such a Tile component…

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  2. Matt Bassett says:

    Hi, I had been struggling with creating a tiling bground when I found this solution, however for some reason It will not work, I have tried using different sized images and file types as tiling images and followed these instructions but it will not seem to work for me. Any Ideas?

  3. Hi Matt,

    This solution is basically for a dynamic data component with either design-time or runtime data. I’m not sure it would be suited for your purpose. You’re saying you want a tiling background, but where does your data come from? How do you know how much items you want/need to display?

    Perhaps I’m not interpreting your intentions properly. In that case, it might be better iof you could clarify yourself a bit more, or send me the Catalyst file you’re trying to create via DM (steven at flexpert dot be)?

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